Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening- also known as bleaching is a simple, non-invasive procedure of enhancing one’s smile through whiter teeth.

Two methods of teeth whitening

  1. In-office based teeth whitening – It refers to the application of a whitening gel which is then activated by light, resulting to an instant white smile in one session. (see Zoom! Whitening)
  2. Take-home whitening – It refers to professionally dispensed whitening kit which contains a low concentration peroxide gel which is safe for self- application. the gel Is placed on a custom-made bleaching tray and is worn depending on to the dentist’s instructions.

Composite bonding and sculpting- enhances the appearance of the teeth, especially the front, in just one visit. Procedure involves removal of the discoloration and preparing the cavity for the placement of the tooth-colored resin composite, and is then sculpted making the tooth natural-looking. This procedure is also applicable for closing gaps in between teeth.